Giving up Already?

How should I start…hmmn
Ok… truth be told, if you wait for me or someone or something to encourage you….you may actually get nowhere because it was you who developed the interest all by yourself. So always encourage yourself and do not wait for anybody. But the question is, how do you even encourage yourself? What works for me which I believe should work for you too, is IMPROVEMENT and ‘lemme’ take you through some steps ;
1. Play what you already know
Guys…trust me…. There would come a time when you pick up an instrument because you want to be better but then you find yourself playing what you already know. THIS IS GOOD. Just keep doing this and then proceed to the next step.

2. Make videos
When you notice that you play what you already know each time you pick up an instrument but then you want to come out of this, make videos of yourself playing and watch yourself play. Sometimes you may notice some things, ‘off’ with the way you play and this would absolutely help you improve because then you would want to correct that.

3. Post the videos
After you are done with making the video or videos (as the case may be for those who just really like watching themselves), post the video. It could be on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. just post it and let people know what you can do. You would be surprised at the comments you receive….(by the way…there would always be that friend that would want to write you off or just make fun of you….do not mind that individual)

4. Play what you know but play them faster
Obviously, the goal is to improve and it is through your improvement that you encourage yourself to continue learning…..So….what you already know….just play them faster and test your speed……(you know when people say “I can do this with my eyes closed,”)….get to that point. YOU WILL GET BETTER. It is a given and an assurance.
Before you even know it….. when you try out some other songs to play on that instrument, you would see that it won’t be as hard as the first time you tried to play a song on that instrument. This is because you are already improving and you have spent time with your instrument.
Sooner or later…..when you watch yourself play and compare with the previous videos, OH! WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!

5. Wait…you want me to continue when you have already seen that you can do this by yourself,
Well, all I have been able to do is to just tell you that MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ARE EASY TO LEARN AND GET BETTER AT.

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Beginning of knowing how to play musical instruments

Beginning of How to Play Musical instruments

I know what some of y’all are expecting, by the way, in case you did not know, to play musical instruments is not as difficult as some persons say it is. Anybody can play it so long as you have a soul and you put your mind.
So what is the beginning of how to play musical instruments?
Just so that I will not bore you with lengthy writings to read (I, for one, am not a fan of reading, but try to read, it can be favourable sometimes) I will just highlight some of the things you need to know.

  1. Interest
    Hey… think of any musical instrument that you have maybe seen your friend or your model play or heard before that you have found to be very pleasing in your ear; it could be guitar, keyboard, trumpet, saxophone, flute, c’mon, name them. See…. Once you begin to like that instrument, that is the very first step of playing an instrument. So develop the interest and let’s see how the thing goes.
  2. Have a little knowledge of Music Theory
    I do not like theory as much I find it boring but it is really necessary that you know a little bit of music theory in general. You could ask anyone good at this to teach you and make sure you pay attention in that class even if it may seem boring, you won’t even know when the theory becomes part of you
  3. Get the Musical instrument
    Obviously, you can’t learn something that you cannot get hold of. So, get the instrument and make sure a professional is there when you are getting the instrument so that you do not end up getting a faulty instrument and trust me… it is painful when you discover you have been learning with a faulty instrument all along. You could as well borrow from someone… just make sure you have it. I still recommend buying your personal own, you won’t regret it.
  4. Find a teacher and always practice on your own
    My friends, this teacher can be your friend, your uncle or even a youtuber, just make sure you get lessons from someone that has an idea of the instrument already and follow the lessons strictly. Now the part that many fail to do is to practice on their own, some just feel that the end of the lesson is the end of the practice and then that is it till the next lesson…well… full disclosure, you would cause yourself more harm than good!
  5. Keep listening to songs where that instrument was used
    Yes, this actually goes a long way of shaping your ears. For some reason you would love the instrument even more. Just like if you are learning the guitar and then you listen to Ed Sheran’s Perfect… yes you will……In fact, any song you listen to, no longer will you only listen to the lyrics but you would start appreciating the instrumentals of the song. So, get yourself acquainted with songs.
    Friends, little bit of advice…
    Never give up when you get to a time when you feel you cannot improve on yourself. Sometimes it would just seem as though you can’t move from where you are…..just continue…. I have been there… trust me… and I found myself not actually improving. You may think you are not progressing but you are. So, just keep trying.
    I hope this would go a long way to help and encourage you.